ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – State Police said an 18-year-old made a deadly decision that night. They said he was three times the legal limit when he hit another vehicle — one woman was killed, and two others were severely injured.

According to investigators, Luke Griffin, 18, was so drunk, officers could not complete the field sobriety tests. The victim’s family said they want justice to be served.

Anna Hixson said her sister, Corrina Vaden, was full of energy and love.

“She loved everybody she came into contact with,” said Hixson.

But her family’s life changed forever Friday night.

“I could never call her again,” said Hixson.

Vaden and her two friends were driving from Colorado through New Mexico on their way to participate in a Spartan Race in Arizona.

“She was going somewhere she loved to do, I mean racing for her was so much fun,” said Hixson.

According to State Police, they were driving southbound on I-25 near the San Felipe Pueblo exit when a car, driven by 18-year-old Luke Griffin, rear-ended them. Vaden was pronounced dead at the scene.

“This is not fair, what he did, not fair,” said Hixson.

The two passengers – Kym Butcher and Elizabeth Rotter were taken to UNM Hospital with life threatening injuries. Butcher, a single mother, has a broken leg and had her spleen removed. Rotter has a head injury.

“The other two are going through a lot too, so he’s affected three families, and including his own,” said Hixson.

Witnesses told police Griffin was driving more than 100 mph. Another saw him get out of his car and throw a liquor bottle over a fence. According to investigators, Griffin’s breath-alcohol level was .23 — triple the legal limit.

“I want justice served, this kid that took my sister away from me,” said Hixson.

Griffin is out of jail, but he faces multiple charges including homicide by vehicle. He has a court hearing scheduled in April.

A GoFundMe was set up to help the three families with medical expenses. Friends said it will be at least three weeks before the two passengers will be able to return home to Colorado.