ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – The family of a service dog that was attacked by a pit-bull is in shock after they said the city advertised the attack dog for adoption on its website.

“She is a very integral part of our family,” said Dana Kelley.

The Australian Labradoodle named Bell is 9-year-old Makenzie’s lifeline. The home-schooled elementary student has a severe allergy to peanuts. If she even smells them, she could die. The family got Bell about five years ago to protect her.

“Bell has allowed my daughter to have more of a regular life because she can finally go to places,” said Kelley.

However, that all changed in early June. The family, who lives in Colorado, was in Albuquerque for a swim meet.

Makenzie’s grandpa took her precious pup for a walk around Johnson field on the University of New Mexico’s campus when a dog charged them.

“I tried to get in between them and the dog attacked Bell and it got me on the hand,” said Makenzie’s grandpa Ron McPherson.

McPherson suffered minor cuts to his hand and Bell nearly lost his life. She’s gone through two surgeries since the attack costing the family more than $1,500 in medical bills.

Then on Thursday, the family found a post on the city’s Animal Welfare website saying the pit-bull that almost killed Bell was up for adoption.

“It made me very angry,” said Kelley.

Animal Welfare said the dog was put on its online adoption site to track down it’s owner, not to find it a new home.

According to police, the person with the pit-bull before the attack who was also with the dog after the attack claimed it wasn’t his. It’s unclear if the person with the pit-bull simply lied about not owning it to avoid any charges or fines.

Animal Welfare said it euthanized the pit-bull on Thursday.