ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – An Albuquerque man has created a petition, calling for harsher penalties for drivers who injure or kill cyclists.

William Martinez, 25, has been a cyclist since he was young. He was shocked when he heard about the crash Saturday, which left 16-year-old Nathan Barkocy critically injured. Martinez says he has raced against Barkocy in the past and the news of his crash hit him especially hard.

“It’s kinda like, oh man, that could be me. It’s really scary,” said Martinez.

That’s why on Tuesday Martinez launched a petition on, calling for drivers who critically injure or kill cyclists to face tougher penalties, like losing their licenses and being liable for medical and cycling equipment expenses brought on by accidents and crashes.

Martinez said, “You have a two ton piece of steel that you can get away with murder with and for some reason cyclists get killed and these people get just a slap on the wrist.”

Martinez says he would also like drivers to be better educated about how to safely share the road with cyclists, in hopes of cutting down on injuries and deaths.

The petition already has more than a thousand signatures. Martinez hopes to present it to lawmakers sometime after this legislative session is over.