TULAROSA, N.M. (KRQE) – The animal rights group PETA is now taking aim at kids, specifically the Future Farmers of America.

The FFA is a big deal here in New Mexico and they’re not thrilled with PETA’s new campaign.

It’s called “FFA is Lame AF,” which stands for lame as f***.

It was published by PETA 2, a branch of the organization geared toward teenagers. The campaign casts a shadow on Future Farmers of America, the popular agriculture club for high school students.

“We really want to see animals live their life free of human cruelty and as long as FFA promotes that kind of approach, then we don’t want to see them indoctrinating kids with harmful rhetoric,” said Matt Bruce, a campaigner for PETA.

It was written by a former FFA member, the post calls the organization hypocritical for encouraging students to raise and slaughter animals for food, while encouraging good character and leadership.

They also looked down on the organization for holding contests like meat judging, where students guess what part of the animal the meat comes from.

PETA calls it a “sick murder mystery game.”

“We’d like to see FFA totally leave animal agriculture in the past. We are in the 21st century and we’re moving beyond, as a society we are moving beyond the idea that it’s acceptable to hurt animals for our own personal gain,” said Bruce.

The post goes on to attack the organization’s code of ethics but members of the FFA chapter in Tularosa say there’s so much left out about all the good it does for students.

“That’s not how it is in FFA, they don’t know the background of FFA and what all we do,” said Gracie Hooten, president of the chapter.

Chase Montes is the adviser for the FFA chapter in Tularosa. He says the article twists what the organization is really about.

“Damage like this goes a long ways and I think that you  know that us in the agriculture industry need to be our own promoters, and make sure that we’re out there and we’re taking care of our animals and we’re putting good information out there,” said Montes.

At the end of the article, PETA encourages kids in FFA that agree with it to quit the club and become vegan.