Stepping foot into the crosswalks at University and Coal, can be a risky move. Speeding drivers and pedestrians in the area are not following the rules.   

“It’s kind of an accident waiting to happen,” said Marissa Isaak Wald.  

One of the most dangerous spots is the right turn from University onto Coal.

One by one, jaywalkers steps right into traffic, at a non-existent crosswalk. 

“Everyday, like I don’t think anyone ever uses the other crossway,” said  Joelynn Maldonado a CNM student. 

Marissa Isaak Wald, a Geography Instructor at CNM said she’s fearful everyday for students. 

“That’s a particularly bad intersection there because if you continue the crosswalk all the way forward in a kind of rational sense, then people would walk right through but cars don’t have to stop,” said Wald. 

A designated crosswalk sits about 10 feet away, from the one pedestrians have created, but it’s faded, and there is no signage showing drivers there’s a crosswalk ahead. 

“It’s an inconvenience, it’s not like where it should be,” said Maldonado.  

The only crosswalk sign News 13 could find, alerts drivers to the main crossing at University and Coal. 

A spokesperson for CNM released the following statement regarding the safety concerns: 

The intersection of University Boulevard and Coal Avenue is a very busy intersection in the area of CNM’s Main Campus. We appreciate when the City of Albuquerque is able to review traffic and safety conditions on the roads that border the college to help ensure that traveling to and from the campus is as safe as possible. CNM would welcome the opportunity to assist the City in evaluating the conditions of the intersection and potential safety improvements.

KRQE News 13 also reached out to the city to see if there have been any reported complaints about the turning lane onto Coal. A spokesperson for the Department of Municipal Development said there have not been any that they know of.