BERNALILLO, NM (KRQE) – Parents are concerned a teacher is pushing her political beliefs instead of teaching world history.

Bernalillo Public Schools Interim Superintendent Keith Cowan said the school district would take the appropriate action after a teacher’s political rant was recorded by a sophomore Bernalillo High School student on Thursday. It’s unclear what action is being taken against the teacher.

“If you have a history teacher teaching you that Trump is good then I feel really scared for you,” the woman said in the recording.

The parents of the 15-year-old student said the controversy started when the teacher had students analyze a political cartoon of President Donald Trump. The cartoon president’s head was surrounded by statements, such as “white supremacist,” “deport ‘em all,” and “neo-nazis,” among others.

“Technically, he is the immigrant,” the teacher said about President Trump. “And if he’s saying all this stuff about immigrants — and who is his wife?”

“An immigrant,” students replied.

The student who recorded the teacher could be heard challenging the cartoon’s accuracy.

“Miss, why do you think there [were] never political cartoons like this talking to us about Obama?”

The teacher replied there were similar cartoons, to which the student said:

“But, like, taught to us like this? I’m not sure there was, because, like, do you guys ever remember Obama cartoons like that?”

“Obama was never very radical the way Trump is,” the teacher said. “Like, he didn’t make crazy statements like that, did he?”

The parents said their student felt singled out when the teacher encouraged other classmates to speak up.

“Usually, I’m not even biased, but, like, how can you not be when he’s just –,” the teacher said before she was cut off by a student. “There are some teachers here who like Trump,” she said.

The student’s mother said she is concerned the district doesn’t know what’s being taught in the classroom.

Cowan called the recording “very concerning.” He could not provide a comment on the personnel matter, but said the district is in the process of dealing with the teacher “at the appropriate level.”

Cowan said he has no problem with the student recording her teacher in this instance, though electronics should only be used in the classroom for learning. He said the district may need to look at that policy at a later time.