The pregnant heroin addict who let an Albuquerque police officer adopt her baby is now six months sober.

Crystal Champ was eight months pregnant when APD Officer Ryan Holets found her shooting up heroin with her partner.

Holets and his wife later adopted the baby and named her Hope. 

Now, Champ has found her own hope at the Florida treatment center, Mending Fences.

She recently graduated from the drug treatment center and is looking for work while mentoring others who are out of addiction.

She says she knows baby Hope will always be well taken care of.

“She is in a great place, I know she is. And I trust and have faith that she’s going to have a beautiful life. And the fact that I can look at Ryan and Rebecca and be like, that is the father and mother of my child, it’s just beautiful,” said Champ.

The Holets and Champ will talk weekly and hope to see each other again soon.