SANTA FE (KRQE) – A prominent lawmaker’s comment about rape and college kids is causing a stir at the Roundhouse. Democratic Rep. W. Ken Martinez, the former House speaker, is drawing the fire. While some are shocked as to what he said, others insist it was taken way out of context.

Just two weeks remain in this legislative go-round. That’s still plenty of time for parties to take jabs at one another.

“I don’t know if it was taken out of context, but it deserves an apology,” Rep. Kelly Fajardo, a Republican from Belen said of the comment.

She’s referring to a comment from last Wednesday during a House Judiciary meeting.

“Rape is defined in many ways and some of it is just drunken college sex,” Rep. Martinez can be heard saying in the archived recording.

Rep. Fajardo singled out Rep. Martinez in a news release Monday.

“He’s trying to equate rape with drunken sex,” she said. “Rape is rape and it should not be excused.”

The hearing was on a bill from Rep. Conrad James dealing with children conceived during a rape.

It would allow mothers to file a motion in court up to six years after pregnancy that would keep the biological father out of the child’s life.

It passed 11-0 with Rep. Martinez on board.

“I think it’s a good bill,” he said during the committee meeting.

Rep. Martinez fired back at the Republicans allegations.

“To create a political stunt on something this important, I really think they owe an apology to every victim of rape in the state of New Mexico,” he said.

Rep. Martinez said the comment wasn’t meant as a joke and Dems say it was taken out of context.

He said he was trying to say that drunken college students forcing themselves on someone is also type of rape. As for apologies, don’t expect one from either side.

Democrats rallied around Rep. Martinez and said he even beefed up the bill, amending it so that even if parental rights were taken away, child support could still be collected.

The bill now heads to the House floor for a full vote.