Bees may be dormant now as we move towards Winter Solstice, but Think Like A Bee, a nonprofit working to educate and advocate for bees and all pollinators, is busily working on its 2019 project.

They have received a small seed grant to work on a documentary with UNM Taos Digital Media Arts students to create a Rio Grande Watershed Documentary.

Today The Rio Grande is one of the 10 most endangered rivers in the world, according to Worldwide Fund for Nature.

This project will explore our watershed with local indigenous leaders, farmers and land-based people of the Rio Grande watershed.

This documentary will dive into the changing landscape due to drought, warming climate, pollution, industry and how this impacts pollinators, humans and our future foodshed.

Bees, like humans, are deeply embedded in their “habitat” and need clean air, water and soil to survive in a healthy way.

Our habitat here in Albuquerque is the middle Rio Grande Watershed that affects our lives in every way, from agriculture, to recreation, to industry to drinking water.

In this timely and critical moment of our watershed’s health, the documentary will tell stories from Watershed Protectors.

People who live close to the land—stories that impact our land, our health, our food system which is critical for the next seven generations.

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