Friday’s Top Stories

Friday’s Five Facts

[1] Woman captures drive-by shooting in Ventana Ranch on camera – An Albuquerque woman is warning others after she says she was shot at while doing yard work. She’s hoping telling her story and releasing video of the suspect will lead to an arrest. Thursday, around noon, the woman says she was unaware of a red car that drove by her house. She then heard what she thought were fireworks, but instead that red car turned around and shot at her as they approached the house. She says she feels lucky she was not hit. Seven months ago there was another shooting in the same neighborhood.

[2] Senior ditch day at Elephant Butte Lake leads to sinking boat, rolled vehicle – A New Mexico Teen is in trouble after senior ditch day took a dangerous turn, landing her in handcuffs. The day, meant for fun, included a boat sinking and a car rolling. Park officials at Elephant Butte were notified Wednesday about the sinking boat. When state police arrived they saw some kids speed away in their cars, one car rolled over with four teens still inside. The driver, 17-year-old Juliana Mata, was arrested for DWI. Park rangers say they did not know about the party earlier, because they are short staffed.

[3] Wind storm brings extreme gusts and higher fire danger – Friday morning is mostly quiet across the state, but it will not last for long. If you hope to get outside today, do it early. Winds will start to pick up by mid-morning, with extreme winds expected this afternoon and evening. High wind warnings will be in effect all day and night across New Mexico, as 40-55 mph sustained winds and gusts up to 65-75 mph are expected. Winds will gust up to 55 mph for southeast NM and the Farmington area. This wind will cause extremely high fire danger. These winds will likely cause current fires to grow, and it could cause more wildfires to start. The wind will also pose a high threat for wind damage, low visibility on the roads due to blowing dust, and even power outages. The winds will stay strong through the overnight hours, lightening a bit on Saturday.

[4] Students kicked out of Gallup High for senior prank allowed back in classroom – A judge has decided the students kicked out of a New Mexico school for a senior prank that went too far, must be allowed back in the classroom. An attorney working with some of the families involved says the students never got a hearing with the district — and a judge agreed. Several students from Gallup High School covered the school in toilet paper and confetti on April 1. The district says the students also pushed vending machines over, which they say caused an estimated $30,000 in damage to the floor. A court hearing is set for Monday April 25th for the district to argue the suspensions were done in a fair manner. Gallup Police tell us they will not be pursuing charges for the break-in or damage.

[5] New Mexico cannabis sales show 4/20 spike – New Mexico Cannabis retailers saw the biggest single day sales numbers on 4/20. Wednesday was the first time New Mexicans could legally celebrate the unofficial marijuana themed holiday. Retailers raked in $1.1 million in adult-use sales. Coming up on three weeks since legalization and recreational customers have already spend nearly $12 million in the state.