Friday’s Top Stories

Friday’s Five Facts

[1] Firefighters working on the Hermits Peak, Calf Canyon Fire – Fire crews will continue trying to reinforce fire lines before winds pick up again Saturday afternoon. Cres are burning out fuels along Highway 283, to strengthen defense and protect the city of Las Vegas. Calm conditions Thursday allowed crews to take advantage of their air operations, like helicopters dumping buckets of water on hot spots. The fire is now more than 165,000 acres in size, with 20% containment.

[2] Video released of interview with woman accused of causing deadly crash – Newly released video shows the police interview of the woman accused in a chaotic string of events that ended with a wrong-way crash on I-25. That crash killed a Santa Fe police officer and a retired firefighter. State police say it didn’t take long before they saw inconsistencies in Jeannine Jaramillo’s story. Police say she was the only one in the car when she caused the deadly crash. She claimed she had been kidnapped by her boyfriend, Mark Lopez, and that he abused her, threatened to kill her and forced her into the car at knife point. She now faces several charges, including two counts of first degree murder.

[3] High wind and heat this weekend – We’ll begin turning up the heat Friday afternoon with highs nearly 10° above average. We’ll see some afternoon wind gusts again, but will catch a break from the strongest gusts for one more day. Westerly winds will gust 25-35 mph this afternoon pushing some wildfire smoke eastward. This will continue to reduce air quality around Las Vegas, Espanola, and even Santa Fe. The west winds will translate to much warmer temps east of the mountains with highs breaking 90°. Roswell will reach into the upper 90s, while Albuquerque reaches the upper 80s with sunny skies. Saturday will feature the hottest temperatures of the year with some records possible across eastern NM. Highs will soar well into the 90s and even topping out in the low 100s.

[4] Neighbors react after deer shot, 1 killed in Foothills community – A foothills community is outraged over what someone did to deer in their neighborhood. Photos are circulating on the internet of two deer that were shot illegally with arrows. One was killed, another left for dead. According to neighbors, the deer were shot in broad daylight. One of the deer was found, treated for its wounds and released by the Game and Fish Department. Residents in the area are calling for whoever is responsible for shooting the deer to be brought to justice.

[5] State agencies offering internships for high school and college students – This summer, paid internships will be available to high school and college students to learn about state government and gain work experience. The internships will be held at a number of state agencies including the attorney general’s office, cultural affairs, workforce solutions and more. In addition to learning career skills, officials say the program is a good way to start building a professional network. For more information visit the New Mexico State Personnel Office website.