Tuesday’s Top Stories

Tuesday’s Five Facts

[1] Video released in Baldwin Rust movie-set shooting – Newly released interviews from the day that actor Alec Baldwin accidentally shot and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the movie set of Rust are shedding more light on what took place after. Cast and crew on set were interviewed, all being asked, ‘How could a prop gun on a movie set fire the live round that killed Hutchins.’ The second person shot that day, Director Joel Souza, told detectives the armorer handed the gun to Baldwin. Baldwin told law enforcement he was directed to cock the gun in the scene and said everything had been running smoothly onset for months up until that moment. Other crew members said some procedures were not followed properly.

[2] Judge denies motion for teen who tossed baby in dumpster to get visitation rights – A judge has denied the request of a teen accused of throwing her newborn in a dumpster to have visitation rights with the baby. Attorneys for Alexis Avila challenged the court’s order, barring the 18-year-old form having contact with any children, including her own baby boy. Good Samaritans found the boy in a Hobbs dumpster back in January. Avila told investigators she did not know she was pregnant and panicked after giving birth. Monday, she told Judge William Shoobridge that she’s been taking parenting classes to better herself.

[3] Temperatures warm and higher fire danger as wind picks back up – Tuesday morning is quiet and cool across the state, but a warm up is on the way for the afternoon as southerly winds draw into the state. Highs will climb about 10-15 degrees from yesterday, making it back into the 60s, 70s and 80s. As winds shift in from the west on Wednesday, temperatures will climb even higher. Winds will be more noticeable Tuesday, from the south at around 15-25 mph, and higher gusts are expected in the northeast highlands and southern Colorado, up to 40-45 mph. The high winds and dry conditions are prompting red flag warnings Tuesday afternoon for those areas. Fire danger will be high, and the spread of current fires will be possible.

[4] Crews continue to battle the Calf Canyon Fire after it combines with Hermits Peak Fire -The Hermits Peak and Calf Canyon fires have reached more than 56,000 acres combined. Firefighters are taking advantages of better weather to get a handle on the fire. Officials say they have four heavy helicopters and hope to use air tankers to scoop water out of a nearby lake to dump on the flames. Previous evacuations are still in place.

[5] Rio Rancho teens save neighbor from burning home – Two Rio Rancho teens are being hailed as heroes this morning after they saved a man from a house fire. 18-year old Brooke Curley and 17-year-old Sophie Shurter were sitting in a car when they saw their neighbors home in flames. The homeowner, Mary, was outside. Her husband and the dog were still inside the burning house. The teens went inside to save him, but they were unable to save the dog.