Tuesday’s Top Stories

Tuesday’s Five Facts

[1] Albuquerque councilors propose update to pedestrian safety bill – A controversial Albuquerque city ordinance that banned panhandling resulted in a lawsuit could get some updates. City Councilors Brook Bassan and Isaac Benton are introducing updates to that original pedestrian safety bill. The original bill banned pedestrians and drivers from having exchanges, which sparked a lawsuit from the ACLU. The updated ordinance cuts out a lot of the original, including the part banning exchanges between drivers and pedestrians, and loosens up where pedestrians can be on sidewalks.

[2] Albuquerque gun shops see more first-time gun buyers – More people are buying guns, many for the very first time says Arnold Gallegos, the owner of ABQ Guns. The shop said they had never seen anything like it. Gallegos says he’s never seen this many new faces. He says that based on the feedback he’s received, Albuquerque’s crime is driving customers to his store. The increase in new gun owners is being felt across Albuquerque. Los Ranchos Gun Shop on Fourth Street says on top of new faces; they’re seeing a lot more women walking through the door. Carlson Shooting Institute says since 2020, they’ve seen more new faces and women wanting to learn, and it hasn’t slowed down. 

[3] Stormy weather ahead of parts of New Mexico – A large upper-level low-pressure system continues to control the state’s weather and will most likely continue to dominate most of the week ahead. The heaviest and most widespread rain is expected through tomorrow across the state as that cold front is currently moving southeast. The front is bringing temperatures about 5-10 degrees below average across most of the central and northern part of the state. As the front pushes out of the way by late week, coverage of showers and storms are expected to decline.

[4] New ordinance would create rules for Safe Outdoor Spaces – Funding will stay in place for sanctioned homeless camps. Now, some city councilors are pushing for strict rules for those camps. Trudy Jones and Louie Sanchez are behind a proposed ordinance calling for rules on drugs, alcohol and violence. It also states operators need to meet with property owners within 660 feet of the camp once-a-month to listen to their concerns. In response, the mayor’s office says it has wanted guidelines from the start and has created guidelines of its own. They go on to say they understand the aim of the bill and will review it in detail if it passes. 

[5] Albuquerque woman saves a hawk from side of the road – A woman driving in Albuquerque’s foothills picked up an unexpected passenger near Tramway – a hawk. The hawk – tired from heat and dehydration – was on Tramway near Paseo in danger. Katie Cornell-Poulter drove more than twenty minutes to the wildlife rescue of New Mexico to get the hawk help. The hawk was treated for dehydration and gained enough energy to fly away back into the wild.