Monday’s Top Stories

Monday’s Five Facts

[1] Albuquerque’s teacher union raises concerns over school board candidates – School board elections are around the corner. The Albuquerque Teachers Federation (ATF) has already endorsed three contenders, including Robert Trujillo, Heather Benavidez, and Ronalda Tome-Warito. However, the union is cautious about two candidates who are supported by the group Mothers for Liberty, the New Mexico chapter. In other states, the national group has been involved in attempts to restrict books from schools that they deem “inappropriate” or “anti-American.” To be clear, Mothers for Liberty says it has not formally endorsed either of the candidates: Peggy Muller Aragon and Steve Cecco. However, they do say the two candidates have won the group’s support. 

[2] Albuquerque City Council urges Governor to call a special session – Local leaders are now calling for a special session focused on crime after the governor amended her gun-violence public health order and said she would not call a special session. The governor announced she would not call a special session for crime. Councilors Dan Lewis, Brooke Bassan, Louie Sanchez, and Renee Grout are introducing a resolution urging the governor to call a special session to specifically address crime. In addition to addressing the drug and mental health concerns, the resolution says a special session is needed to address reforming the pretrial detention system.

[3] New Mexico sees storms to start the week – Storms will move east during the late afternoon and evening. This will bring a chance of hit or miss showers and storms to the Metro and Rio Grande Valley today. The southeast plains may also see a few showers during the afternoon. Temperatures will climb a few degrees Monday, and even warmer temperatures arrive Tuesday through Thursday, thanks to downslope warmer and a high pressure ridge over the state.

[4] Albuquerque drivers concerned over Westside ‘problem intersection’ –  Westside residents are calling the intersection of Ladera and Unser a dangerous one. While the city has road signs placed throughout the intersection with the rules of the road, drivers familiar with the area agree speeding is a top problem. A spokesperson for the Albuquerque Police Department says that while this intersection is on their radar, the department did not have plans to conduct operations at the intersection until after the state fair.

[5] Santa Fe Reptile and Bug Museum is looking for a new home – The Santa Fe Reptile and Bug Museum features snakes, spiders, frogs and bugs. Originally opened as the Harrell House Bug Museum in 2013, the museum became a non-profit in 2020, then in January they moved into the Santa Fe Outlet Mall. But the mall recently sold at auction for $5.9 million. The museum is now hoping to find a new location, but the move will be costly. The museum director is now selling t-shirts and merchandise with the hopes of raising enough money to make the move.