Tuesday’s Top Stories

Tuesday’s Five Facts

[1] New Mexico U.S. Attorney looks to help with ABQ crime problem – New Mexico’s top federal prosecutor, Alexander Uballez, has been spearheading discussions to learn what problems are at the heart of the violence and what can be done to address them. Uballez has met with community members in the International District, Westgate and other areas to discuss crime tied to homelessness and drug use. He said he’s working with these groups to find federal funding, for example, the City of Albuquerque was awarded $2 million in federal funding this month towards the Violence Intervention Program.

[2] Trial continues for fatal River of Lights crash suspect – The trial of Sergio Almanza continued Monday. The jury heard from witnesses to the crash and two more officers. The state also brought up Tavish Barnhill, a police service aide when the crash happened, and now a detective with APD. Barnhill said they learned Almanza was going more than 50 mph when he ran a red light, hitting the child. During cross examination the defense asked Barnhill about field sobriety tests, noting his client never had one. The cross examination of is set to resume Tuesday.

[3] Less storm activity and seasonal temperatures around New Mexico – Tuesday will be a slightly cooler day, thanks to a cold front. Temperatures will be near-normal for this time in August. Less rain is expected today. A drier pattern takes over throughout the rest of the work week, and temperatures will rebound back above-average Wednesday, with hot temperatures in store through late week.

[4] Santa Fe voters to decide if million-dollar homes should face excise tax – Voters in Santa Fe will now decide if the city should expensive home buyers. The ordinance would add a 3% excise tax on sales of homes that cost a million dollars or more, which would charge 3% on every dollar over a million. The money would go towards the city’s Affordable Housing Fund. After a special meeting last week, City Council approved putting the measure on the November ballot.

[5] Plans for South Valley farmland – One of the last big plots of farmland in the South Valley is up for sale. An area that’s been around for generations near the Coors and Rio Bravo is up for is more than 158 acres and is surrounded by other developments. Bernalillo County said the land was approved to be designated for single-family housing units in 2019. The county said, despite development, they’ve made sure to preserve part of the land, and set some aside for open space for public use. The farmland is currently listed at just under $11 million.