Monday’s Top Stories

Monday’s Five Facts

[1] Trial begins for man accused of murdering mom of two NMSP officers – The trial for the man accused of murdering the mother of two New Mexico State Police officers is scheduled to begin today, Monday, Apr. 17. Luis Talamantes Romero is accused of shooting and killing Jacqueline Vigil in her own driveway during an attempted robbery in November 2019.

[2] Criminal Complaint: Man used girlfriend’s phone to lure victim before deadly ABQ shooting – An Albuquerque man has been charged in a murder case. He allegedly killed a man for sending his girlfriend an inappropriate picture. According to a criminal complaint, Isaich Lujan’s girlfriend received an inappropriate picture from the victim. Lujan reportedly found out about the photo and used her phone to text the victim to meet at the apartment.

[3] Warmer and windier weather – Wednesday morning is mild and clear. Temperatures will be warm again during the afternoon, with highs in the 70s and 80s, about ten to fifteen degrees warmer than normal. A cold front will arrive on Thursday and Friday, cooling temperatures back to normal and below normal for Friday and Saturday.

[4] ABQ Walmart closure prompts new grocery store demand – After the Walmart near Central and San Mateo closed last month, residents have been feeling the absence of not having the grocery store. Now people in the area are asking the city to step in and provide solutions. Councilor Pat Davis says the city is providing economic development money for local grocers to bring their business to southeast Albuquerque.

[5] NM Attorney General’s Office, non-profit create app to help trafficking victims – The New Mexico Attorney General’s Office and an Albuquerque-based organization are teaming up to help human trafficking victims. The Attorney General’s Office mentioned human trafficking is a problem in New Mexico, and that’s why they created a new app called ‘REACH‘ with the help of New Mexico Dream Center (NMDC), a non-profit that provides trafficking victims the services they need.