Monday’s Top Stories

Monday’s Five Facts

[1] Teen who died during APD SWAT situation identified – APD has identified the the 15-year-old boy that died in a house fire during a SWAT situation in southeast Albuquerque. Preliminary autopsy results of Brett Rosenau show his cause of death as smoke inhalation. Police say they were searching for Quiant Kelley when it turned into a SWAT situation after Kelley and Rosenau barricaded themselves in a house. APD says a SWAT team spend hours trying to get Kelley and Rosenau to exit the home. They used different irritant devices, including tear gas, to get them to exit the home. Officers noticed the fire and say Kelley exited the home, but Rosenau was found dead inside. APD is now conducting an internal investigation to determine if any polices were violated.

[2] Trial for former LCPD officer accused of murder to begin – The trial for a former Las Cruces police officer accused of killing a man using a choke hold is set to begin Monday. In February 2020 Christopher Smelser pulled over a blue truck for expired tags. Inside the truck was Antonio Valenzuela. Officers found Valenzuela in the back seat and realized he was wanted on drug charges. When they asked him to get out of the truck he took off on foot. A couple of officers, including Smelser, chased him, eventually tackling him. Once Valenzuela was on the ground, Smelser performed a choke hold technique meant to render someone unconscious. It took officers another five minutes before they realized Valenzuela had died. Smelser is charged with second degree murder

[3] Widespread storms, cool down for northern New Mexico – Across a majority of the state, temperatures will remain a few degrees above normal. A cool down will arrive by Tuesday as a cold front pushes southwest across the state. Showers and thunderstorms are expected to begin popping up in the early afternoon and continuing throughout the evening ahead. The heaviest and most widespread coverage will be across the northern and western portions of the state.

[4] Nation of Patriots tour comes through Albuquerque – The Nation of Patriots is continuing its trip through New Mexico as they bring an American flag through the United States. The tour raises money for veterans and their families. Since 2009, they have raised more than a million dollars to help provide assistance to veterans. 100% of the money raised goes towards the cause. The tour’s will make a stop in Gallup next.

[5] City of Albuquerque hiring new lifeguards – The City of Albuquerque is looking for lifeguards to work at local pools. To be eligible, you must be at least 15-years-old with an American Red Cross lifeguarding, first aid, and AED certification and pass the city’s aquatics lifeguard skills test. The city does charge a fee of $75 for the class but it is free for city of Albuquerque new hires. People can apply to be a lifeguard online.