Wednesday’s Top Stories

Wednesday’s Five Facts

[1] Sheriff calls for change in pre-trial release after man allegedly shot at his brother – BCSO Sheriff John Allen is expressing frustration over the pre-trial detention system. Sheriff Allen says his brother was recently shot at by a convicted felon who was out on an ankle monitor. Allen says his brother was picking up his son from football practice driving on I-25, when another driver was allegedly driving erratically and shot at them three times as they were turning on Alameda. 25-year-old Salvador Garcia has been charged in connection to that shooting. In March Garcia pled guilty to shooting at his girlfriend’s mother’s house, but was out on an ankle monitor while awaiting sentencing.

[2] Lawsuit targets New Mexico Governor’s now-revised gun order – Another lawsuit has been filed against the governor and the state health department. This time, it’s over the revised version of the governor’s gun ban in Bernalillo County, which  limited that ban to parks and playgrounds. The new suit argues that citizens have just as much right to protect themselves with firearms in parks and playgrounds as anywhere else. A judge has already granted a temporary restraining order, preventing the ban from being enforced at least until the next court hearing on October 3.

[3] Drier, warmer weather continues through Thursday – Drier weather returns Wednesday as temperatures continue their warming trend. Thursday will be the warmest day this week with near record high temperatures across the state. Changes to our weather begin on Friday as a storm system begins approaching the state. High temperatures will still be very warm Friday afternoon, but winds will begin to pick up in the western part of the state. Into the weekend, stronger winds will develop statewide as temperatures begin a cooling trend. 

[4] New Mexico flight terminated as NASA investigates anomaly – According to NASA, a scientific balloon carrying its FIREball-2 project was launched Monday morning from Fort Sumner. FIREball-2’s mission was to study nearby galaxies to better understand their formation and evolution. After reaching an altitude of more than 124,000 feet, NASA said the balloon experienced an “anomaly” and terminated the flight west of Clovis. NASA said the cause of that anomaly is being investigated.

[5] Population of endangered tortoise species grows in New Mexico – Tortoises are roaming a New Mexico ranch in an effort to boost the population of a rare species. Earlier this month, 20 Bolson tortoises were released at the Armendaris Ranch. The population of Bolson tortoises is estimated to be less than 2,500. The ranch is home to a captive population of the species with the goal of conserving the Bolson tortoise population through protection, breeding, release, and tracking.