Monday Top Stories

Monday Five Facts

[1] 11 stabbing victims reported along Central Ave. – A suspect is in custody for a stabbing spree that sent police to seven different crime scenes along Central Ave. Sunday. In total, 11 people were stabbed in a span of three hours. The stabbing began at 11 a.m. Sunday. Police say the first one happened near the Sister Bar in downtown Albuquerque. Police say the attacks appear to be random.

[2] Police: Suspects in officer shooting got help from family – The New Mexico State Police officer who was shot on Friday is recovering at home. Court documents list 24-year-old Caleb Elledge and 22-year-old Alanna Martinez as the two suspects in the shooting. Investigators say the officer was called to the gas station in Edgewood after a woman was reportedly acting suspicious. After the officer arrived, the man rammed his patrol car, initiating a chase that ended with a pit maneuver on the Sedillo Hill overpass where police say the man shot the officer. Investigators are looking for other people they believe helped the two evade police.

[3] Beautiful Valentines Day, but weather worsens by mid-week – Temperatures are starting chilly this morning, but afternoon temperatures will be warmer than the weekend, with highs in the 50s, 60s and 70s. Skies will be mostly sunny, and winds mostly light. The central highlands will have westerly breezes up to around 20-25 mph.

[4] Opportunity Scholarship Act passes the Senate, heads to the House – The House will soon consider a bill that would cover tuition and fees for some older New Mexican college students. Senate Bill 140 would cover those costs for any New Mexican enrolled in public secondary schools working towards a training certificate, associate degree, or a bachelor’s degree. The purpose is to allow individuals who are parenting, have a chronic illness or some other impediment to continue to take classes.

[5] Vitalant says blood donation still needed – Albuquerque residents are doing their part to help the nation’s blood shortage. People at Cottonwood Mall donated blood Sunday while getting their shopping done.