Monday’s Top Stories

Monday’s Five Facts

[1] Santa Fe’s housing data shows rising prices, not enough homes – New data shows despite slowing home sales in Santa Fe, prices are increasing. Researchers say that is due to llack of homes. According to the latest data released by the Santa Fe Association of Realters, Santa Fe’s median home price rose by about 14% since the end of 2021. Officials with a Santa Fe based non-profit that develops affordable housing, said due to the demand for housing, land prices are high.

[2] School safety, lunches, and staff pay all topics introduced in legislative bills – It’s going to be another busy Monday at the Roundhouse. Two major bills going in front of the Senate Education Committee. In response to rising concerns across the state and the nation about gun violence in schools, Senate Bill 95 is asking for $25 million for statewide school safety. Also facing the committee today is Senate Bill 4, which would set aside $30 million for free healthy school lunches for every student in New Mexico.

[3] Dense fog in eastern New Mexico – Eastern New Mexico is seeing dense fog and freezing fog this morning. The fog has settled in from Raton, all the way to Carlsbad, and from the central mountain chain to the state line. Temperatures will stay chilly across the east, but they warm up nicely again for the Rio Grande Valley and western New Mexico. Monday will be mostly sunny in these areas, with mild temperatures back in the 40s and 50s.

[4] Jewish Community Center displays Santa Fe photographer’s work – The Jewish Community Center and the New Mexico Holocaust Museum worked together on a new exhibit featuring artist: Lita Blake. The Jewish artist fled Austria in 1938 to Brazil, then to New York, and finally ended up in Santa Fe. The exhibit features Lita Blake’s photographs throughout the decades.It will be open to the public through April at the New Mexico Jewish Community Center in the Northeast Heights.

[5] Albuquerque man, dog helps community tackle winter weather – After every snowfall, Ellis and his sidekick, Nilly, spend the day plowing their northeast neighborhood, local businesses, and the Tramway Trail from Central to Montgomery. Ellis started this tradition more than a decade ago when Ellis started taking walks for his health. It’s now turned into his second job, although he doesn’t consider it that. While usually, he plows about six times a year, this season has been quiet with only one plow so far.