Tuesday’s Top Stories

Tuesday’s Five Facts

[1] Family of mentally unstable man files lawsuit against Albuquerque Police – The family of Jesus Crosby thinks his death could have been easily prevented. Crosby was fatally shot by Albuquerque Police last November after threatening officers with a pair of nail clippers. Now the family is suing the city over the shooting. The lawsuit alleges officers lacked proper training or chose to not use a less lethal option when confronting Crosby

[2] Two new buildings announced for Winrock Town Center plan – There are a couple of new buildings going up at the Winrock Town Center, and one of them will have a food hall. The developer, Goodman Realty, announced two new buildings. First, the Portland building, a three story office space. Next, a second office building with a food hall on the bottom floor. They are expecting to begin construction on the Portland building in May, which should wrap up around this time next year. There is no start date on construction for the food hall project just yet.

[3] Even windier and much colder Tuesday – A cold front is moving across the state this morning, bringing high winds along and behind it. Gusts of 55 to 80 mph are expected all across the state, especially after the sun comes up. Temperatures will stay 15 to 30 degrees colder than Monday’s high temperatures. Temperatures will plummet below freezing statewide by Wednesday morning.

[4] Albuquerque city councilor pushing to make the lowrider the official state car – Albuquerque City Councilor Klarissa Peña wants state lawmakers to consider adopting an official state car. She is introducing a memorial urging state lawmakers to think about making the low rider New Mexico’s official state car. That would be something lawmakers would discuss in the next legislative session. The memorial says lowriders are an integral part of New Mexico’s culture and deserve to be recognized.

[5] Eldorado High School students build rockets with recycled materials – Physics students at Eldorado High School are tasked with building a rocket out of completely recycled materials. Each spring, students are challenged to build a Rube Goldberg machine from the recycled materials. The machine needs to perform a series of steps to complete an action. This year, the students are celebrating NASA’s Artemis program with a lunar landing theme. In this competition, the machines must take at least ten steps to land a small rocket on the moon.