Tuesday’s Top Stories

Tuesday’s Five Facts

[1] Investigators: Local plastic company fire started at vehicle in parking lot – A fire sparked around 2:40 p.m. Sunday at Atkore United Poly Systems Warehouse, which is south of the Sunport. Officials said wind spread the fire along the south side of the building and melted off side paneling. It also destroyed tools and equipment. Investigators have been able to pinpoint the source of the fire, saying it was an employee’s car. For the business, the largest loss was the product that was made and stored at the location. The product is recycled plastic tubing used to bury utility lines. Officials are still trying to find out why the car caught on fire or if the fire started outside of the vehicle.

[2] City Administration outlines process for Balloon Fiesta Park stadium plan – A better picture is coming to light of what it would take for the city to bring a United Soccer stadium to Balloon Fiesta Park. At Monday’s city council meeting, Chief Administrative Officer Lawrence Rael explained to councilors the steps necessary for a zoning change. Those steps would include meeting with surrounding neighborhoods and Balloon Fiesta managers, noise and traffic studies, and an environmental impact review. If the change is approved, the city would lease the land to the team to build a privately-funded stadium.

[3] Another round of scattered showers and storms Tuesday – Showers and storms will develop from noon to around 3 PM over central, western and northern NM. Storms will move east throughout the afternoon and evening. There will be a chance for on and off storms in the Metro all afternoon and evening. Rain will end overnight, and skies will be clearer Wednesday morning.

[4] ABQ city councilor wants opioid settlement to pay for MDC treatment services – City Councilor Klarissa Peña wants to send more than a million dollars to MDC for opioid treatment and recovery programming – that money is coming from a nationwide opioid settlement. The resolution directs the city to work with Bernalillo County to use the $1.5 million dollars towards a new opioid treatment and recovery programs in the MDC and to use 30 percent of all future allocations towards this MDC program. This measure has been deferred to the August 21 city council meeting.

[5] Rio Rancho police therapy dog to make public appearance – Rio Rancho police are planning on giving their new therapy dog its first public appearance Tuesday night. The department has been training their 10-week-old therapy dog named Rio since they announced her arrival last year. Rio’s first appearance will be at the Rio Rancho Premiere Cinema 14 Theater Tuesday before 6 p.m.