Tuesday’s Top Stories

Tuesday’s Five Facts

[1] Lobo basketball coach speaks on NMSU hazing scandal – The head basketball coach for the University Of New Mexico, Richard Pitino, has given his feedback about the most recent New Mexico State University basketball team hazing scandal. He reacted to the scandal saying, “I’ve never seen anything like this, it just breaks my heart. Hopefully, they get to kind of the bottom of it and, you know, not much more than that.”

[2] State lawmakers want more transparency on who uses funds, and for what – A bill that would add more transparency to how tax dollars are being spent is heading to the Senate Finance Committee. The bill creates a searchable list of each one-time funding item for projects and programs that weren’t in the normal budget. The list includes who used the money and for what. If the bill passes, the funding list would be published 30 days after the legislative session to show which projects were approved.

[3] More snow, strong winds are on the way for New Mexico – Snow is starting to end during the morning commute in the northern mountains, northeast highlands, and east mountains. Roads are snow-covered and slick in these areas, and much of northern New Mexico, thanks to overnight heavy snow.

[4] Tiger cub found in dog crate finds new home – A tiger cub that was reduced in Albuquerque has found a new home. The BioPark says the cub named Duke, has been moved to a sanctuary in Colorado. They say Duke gained more than five pounds while at the BioPark and staff spent hours socializing and training him ahead of his move. Since Duke’s genetic makeup is unknown, he was unable to stay at the BioPark and was moved to the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado.

[5] ‘Naked and Afraid’ takes on northern New Mexico wilderness, Albuquerque challenger – Two foreign adventurers will be testing their skills in the New Mexico wilderness for the popular TV show Naked and Afraid. The season premiere of the show is taking two Europeans and dropping them off between Las Vegas, N.M., and Santa Rosa, N.M. The duo, who have survival experience in Europe will try to survive the unfamiliar terrain. Episode two Albuquerque native Kami Elsisie will try to survive 21 days in South America.