Wednesday’s Top Stories

Wednesday’s Five Facts

[1] Santa Fe Public Schools to see more time in the classroom next school year – There is a new Santa Fe Public School schedule for the next school year. The calendar adds hours to the school day and a few more days to the year to comply with a new state law that requires kids to go to school longer. The district decided to change bell times and add additional hours, especially for elementary schools. Kindergarten through 6th will be in school 20 minutes longer. While 7th through 12th grades may only see 5 extra minutes each day. The district also added 2 days to their school year and there are 4 social-emotional learning days in the plan.

[2] Prosecution continues in Alexis Avila trial, accused of tossing baby in dumpster – The trial of a Hobbs teen accused of throwing her newborn baby into a dumpster continues with day two of testimony Wednesday. Alexis Avila is facing one count of attempted first degree murder (willful and deliberate), or, alternatively, one count of of child abuse resulting in great bodily harm. While prosecutors emphasized the strength of the evidence in opening statement, defense attorneys are expected to argue that prosecutors have mischarged the case. Jurors heard from five different witnesses Tuesday following opening statements. The trial is expected to last through Friday.

[3] Warmer and windier weather – Temperatures will be warm again during the afternoon, with highs in the 70s and 80s, about ten to fifteen degrees warmer than normal. Winds will gust up to around 40 mph in northeast New Mexico today, prompting Red Flag Warnings for the high fire danger. The rest of the state will see breezes of around 20 to 30 mph. Moisture will arrive in western New Mexico Wednesday, with a chance for light rain showers, west of the Rio Grande Valley.

[4] Bernalillo County officials host open house for Second Street Corridor project – Plans for phase two of the Second Street Corridor Improvement Project are one step closer to being a reality. The project spans 2nd Street from Rio Bravo to the South Diversion Channel. Proposed improvements for phase two include installing new sidewalks, improving drainage, and installing new lighting in the area. Officials say plans are about 70% complete. They say funding for the roughly $12M project is being pushed back a bit. Construction is expected to begin in 2027.

[5] Developer looking to build apartment complex near UNM – An Albuquerque developer is set to help revitalize an area near the University of New Mexico between University and Girard. Albuquerque developers Jay Rembe with Rembe Urban Design and Allen Lewis are looking to build a three-story apartment complex on an empty parking lot off Yale. Plans to build the three-story, 20-unit apartment complex called “The Parador,” include improvements along bicycle and pedestrian walkways with new street-scaping along Yale.