Wednesday’s Top Stories

Wednesday’s Five Facts

[1] Albuquerque Public School’s ‘Master Plan” – The APS board of education is planning out the next five years for the district. They’re calling it the master plan and they want the whole community involved. APS has already hosted two meetings, one at Rio Grande High School and one at Eldorado High School. The meetings cover what students should be able to know and do while at school, changes the district needs to make and what a successful APS graduate should look like. The next meeting is set for Thursday at Jefferson Middle School.

[2] Parents of Aztec High School student file lawsuit against district, football coach – The parents of an Aztec High School student have filed a lawsuit against the district and football coach. It comes after that coach, Henry Strauss, had an altercation with that student. A criminal complaint says a female student went to lunch with one of the football players off campus, and when she came back Strauss confronted her and ripped the keys out of her hand and throwing them across the gym. Strauss was charged with criminal battery for the September 2 altercation. The lawsuit states the school district failed to provide a safe environment for the student.

[3] Even colder temperatures to end the work week – Temperatures are dropping even more today. It will be our coldest day of the season for most parts of the state. Highs will only climb into the 20s, 30s and 40s. Winds will be light. Temperatures will rebound a bit on Thursday, but another front will arrive Friday. This will bring a surge of even colder air. There is a chance for some light snow on Friday morning in eastern New Mexico, and winds will be breezier on Friday across the state.

[4] Plan to address housing crisis – Empty strip malls and office buildings could soon become homes for thousands of people in Albuquerque. This is part of Mayor Keller’s housing forward plan. The ordinance says 68% of all property in the city is zoned for single-family housing, which doesn’t allow secondary housing units or ‘casitas’ on the property. This ordinance would change that. The other part of the ordinance would allow developers to creating housing units on areas zoned for commercial use.

[5] NASA rover exhibit coming to Natural History Museum – The Perseverance Rover and Ingenuity Mars Helicopter are rolling through Albuquerque. They’re making a pit stop at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science as part of NASA’s “Roving With Perseverance” roadshow. They’re not actually the real ones but life-size replicas because the actual crafts are finishing up their missions on Mars. The exhibit will open Saturday and run through the beginning of June.