Wednesday’s Top Stories

Wednesday’s Five Facts

[1] Proposed legislation would limit police power in CYFD situations – Some lawmakers are pushing a controversial idea to improve CYFD’s performance. The proposed bill is supported by CYFD. It would limit police officers power in CYFD custody situations. The bill would take away authority police have when they show up to a situation. They would rely on CYFD to determine when a child needs to be taken into custody. Sen. Correa Hemphill is also proposing a task force made up of CYFD workers, social workers, and police officers to come up with ideas on how to better protect children in the state.

[2] Controversy continues over slew of gun bills debated in the Roundhouse – The House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee heard a slew of gun bills Tuesday, including bills to create a two-week waiting period and the permit-less carry of guns. In addition to those, two bills make it illegal to have a large-capacity gun magazine and assault weapons: House Bill 50 and House Bill 101. In the end, an amended version of House Bill 101 passed on a 4 to 2 vote; it now heads to the House Judiciary Committee.

[3] Morning fog, but warmer and sunnier afternoon – Dense, freezing fog has settled into Albuquerque, Belen and Edgewood this morning. Fog has also showed up in Grants and Santa Fe at times. There is the chance for fog and freezing fog in all areas that received snow Tuesday, thanks to the moisture left behind. Fog will dissipate by mid-late morning, and skies will be mostly sunny for the rest of the day. Temperatures will warm up from Tuesday, with the help of the sunshine. We will see some breezy winds, especially around the Four Corners, the mountains and central highlands.

[4] New Mexico pot shop near El Paso pushing to decriminalize Texas cannabis – A New Mexico pot shop is getting involved in the fight to decriminalize marijuana in the state of Texas since a majority of their customers are from there. High Horse Cannabis Company in Chaparral, New Mexico is just down the road from El Paso, Texas. They have been reaching out to the El Paso City Council, hoping they will bring up Marijuana decriminalization to state lawmakers.

[5] Albuquerque native makes appearance on Wheel of Fortune – An Albuquerque native is waking up with more money in his bank after an appearance on Wheel of Fortune. Buddy Wren, a forensic psychology student from here in Albuquerque took home $15,750.