Wednesday’s Top Stories

Wednesday’s Five Facts

[1] Albuquerque party fight turned triple-fatal shooting yields no arrests – Police have identified the victims killed after shots rang out at a house party near Montgomery and San Mateo over the weekend. 18-year-old Marcos Perez, 18-year-old Jordan Johnson, and 19-year-old Nick Ortega were killed, a 17-year-old girl was also shot in the leg but is okay. APD says no arrests have been made and they believe the shooting was started by a fight that got out of hand. Police believe the owners of the home were not present at the time of the shooting.

[2] Industry leaders speak about post-pandemic tourism rebound in New Mexico – Albuquerque poured millions of dollars into making its Downtown centerpiece a draw for meetings and events, the question remains: is Albuquerque getting returns on its Convention Center investment? Experts agreed; 2019 was a banner year for the city for conventions and tourism before the pandemic. Tourism leaders now say the city is slowly picking up steam to match that activity again. Over the last decade, the city’s invested more than $30 million in sprucing up the building and Civic Plaza. Officials say they booked 38 events in 2019. They said last year they did 31, and this year, 26 are on the books so far.

[3] Scattered storms, flooding threat for parts of New Mexico – Expect some sunshine, before storms develop in the mountains during the early afternoon and quickly move east into the Valley and plains. The Metro may see showers and storms from around 3 to 7 p.m. Eastern New Mexico will see more widespread storms from around 2 to 10 p.m., and there will be a chance for burn scar flooding and severe storms.

[4] Parkgoers upset over disarray at Tiguex Park – Some Albuquerque residents are calling for better upkeep at Tiguex Park near Old Town. They claimed the state of disrepair is sending the wrong message to out-of-state visitors. While much of the park does appear to be well kept, one area stands out as an eyesore, the playground, which is coned off, boarded up, and covered in graffiti. Visitors said they’ve called and sent complaints to the city, saying the playground has been attracting mischief for at least four months.

[5] Pictures of Hope aims to change the lives of underprivileged children – Albuquerque Public Schools and the McKinney-Vento Homeless Project are joining forces for ‘Pictures of Hope.’ Walgreens gave students digital cameras and they got lessons from an award winning photographer. Students got to explore the community and capture photos. Their photos will be featured in an exhibit at the Albuquerque Museum on July 12.