Wednesday’s Top Stories

Wednesday’s Five Facts

[1] Restaurant says homeless are taking over outdoor patio – Spinn’s Burger and Beer, near Coors and Montaño, has been grilling up specialty burgers for more than a decade in Albuquerque. Recently the restaurant has been problems outside on their patio, where the homeless have taken over.  Owner Michael Spinn says the homeless are not only leaving drugs and trash behind but stealing everything in sight, like the light bulbs out of the fixtures. He has even had to powerwash some days to clean up after the homeless use the restroom. Now, because of break-ins, Spinn’s is joining a long list of businesses in the metro that are no longer accepting cash.

[2] Report finds CYFD repeat maltreatment of kids among worst in nation – A new Legislative Finance Committee report finds repeat cases of abuse or neglect of children in New Mexico are among the worst in the nation.  It finds more than 40% of children who sustained a serious injury had involvement with CYFD in the previous 12 months. Repeat cases of abuse or neglect of children in New Mexico are among the worst in the nation. CYFD has said high turnover and extreme workloads have led to burnout and less experienced workers being pushed into the job too quickly. New CYFD secretary, Barbara Vigil has pledged to overhaul the department. Currently CYFD is short dozens of investigators to look into allegations of abuse.

[3] Scattered showers and storms, drier end to work week – We will see scattered showers and storms in the northern mountains, and isolated storms in the Sandia/Manzano Mountains and west mountains. The Metro may see showers and storms again, east of I-25. Northern mountain storms may move towards the I-25 corridor in the northeast highlands.

[4] Report shows New Mexico road improvements falling behind – A recent report found shows highways across the state are in need of repair. The Department of Transportation’s Pavement Condition Rating found almost 24 percent of New Mexico highways are in poor shape. The report shows the DOT is losing ground when it comes to maintaining the highways. While insufficient funding and staffing are factors, the report points out there are hundreds of millions of dollars waiting to be spent on projects. In the last year the state has got more roadwork done than it did before the pandemic, but Senator George Munoz says bids on projects can take almost two years to gain momentum.

[5] New Mexico state park opens new glamping experience – One New Mexico state park is trying to change the way you can camp in the woods. About 20 minutes from Santa Fe in Hyde Memorial State Park, sits three yurts. These are a modern version of centuries-old technology. They have insulated walls, a roof, a propane heater, and six beds. There’s even a window on the roof where campers can see stars at night. The park will open them up to the public this weekend. They cost up to $150 a night.