Tuesday’s Top Stories

Tuesday’s Five Facts

[1] “We don’t want that here”: Battle continues over sanctioned homeless camps – Neighbors who live by Bethlehem Baptist Church near Coors and Bluewater are fighting a potential homeless camp. After the city denied its first safe outdoor space application, the church filed a new one, leaving many neighbors fearing for their safety. The homeless would stay on a vacant lot on the church’s property. Neighbors aren’t happy, conversations have become so tense that APD was called in on Friday during a neighborhood meeting. The first safe outdoor space at I-25 and Menaul was approved in early August. It was expected to be up and running within 30 days, but that lot is still vacant because of seven appeals from neighbors. According to the city’s website, there are five more applications for safe outdoor spaces, either under or waiting review.

[2] Six deputies shoot, kill suspect after South Valley car chase – The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office released new information and video on the deputy-involved shooting in the south valley in September. The shooting resulted in the death of Colby Atkins. A deputy was flagged down after someone saw Atkins passed out in a car at a gas station near 2nd and Rio Bravo. When deputies tried to make contact, they say Atkins drove into oncoming traffic in a stolen car. He eventually crashed and got out of his car and pointed what deputies thought was a gun. Six deputies opened fire, killing Atkins. The object was later found to be a flashlight, deputies also found drugs and stolen credit cards in the stolen car.

[3] Drier and warmer weather returns to New Mexico – Tuesday morning is chilly and dry across the state. Temperatures will start to warm up this afternoon with seasonal highs in the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s expected. A couple of showers will be possible in Colfax and Union counties during the afternoon and evening. The weather will stay quiet, dry and mild through Saturday.

[4] New Mexico Highlands University seeing 59% increase in new undergrad enrollment – New Mexico Highlands University is seeing an increase in enrollment for the first time in over a decade. After a big enrollment drop over the last couple of years, NMHU is seeing an increase of 59 percent in new undergraduates. This translates into 96 more bodies, they’re also seeing an 89 percent increase in their online classes. Officials said 85% of their students are from New Mexico. The university has also seen a spike when it comes to international students. They have 20 more this year than last year.

[5] Albuquerque food truck park helping local Asian, women-owned businesses – A lot in northeast Albuquerque is getting a makeover, with plans to help women and Asian-owned businesses. Pacific Rim food truck park is coming to the corner of Louisiana and Santa Monica. Working with Grace Church, which sits next door to and owns the empty lot, they put in grass, shade sails, tables, and five food trucks. They plan to eventually have 10 food trucks with a drive through coffee spot. The food truck park will have a soft opening Thursday, October 13, 2022. It will hold its grand opening on Sunday, October 30, 2022, and stay open six days a week.