Thursday’s Top Stories

Thursday’s Five Facts

[1] Nob Hill home explodes, and the gas pocket responsible is still there – Cres are still trying to deal with a natural gas pocket under a Nob Hill neighborhood that caused a family’s home to explode. Kevin and Joan Wilson’s daughters were the only ones home on September 7, when the explosion happened, the two girls survived. After the explosion, several neighbors had to evacuate their homes because of the pocket of natural gas still trapped under the neighborhood. Last week, six weeks after the explosion, neighbors were allowed to return.

[2] Housing coming to Albuquerque’s Journal Center – Titan development is creating a more than 200-unit multi-family community in the hear of the Journal Center at the corner of Jefferson and Masthead. Josh Rodgers with Titan Development says the $64 million project will give people the opportunity to live, work and play at the center and provide a shorter commute to work for some people. The project is expected to be completed by late 2024.

[3] Mild and breezy ahead of wintry blast this weekend – The sun will be out for all of New Mexico today, with mild temperatures, climbing back into the 60s, 70s and 80s. We will stay mild through Saturday. However, winds will be picking up today through the weekend. Breezy winds of around 15 to 30 mph are expected across much of New Mexico Thursday and Friday, with even higher winds up to around 40 mph in the northern mountains, highlands and east plains.

[4] CABQ eyes potential location for trash transfer station – A recent land swap deal could made way for a new trash transfer station. New documents show a 12-acre lot off Pan-American Freeway, just south of Candelaria, could “allow for easier access for a transfer station.” The state owns the land, but a council committee approved a component of a state land swap this week, which would include the property. The transfer station would allow neighborhood garbage pick ups would be compiled before heading out to the West Mesa. The City’s side of the property swap still has to go through final approval that could come up for a vote at the next city council meeting in November.

[5] Albuquerque students participate in ‘Walk-Tober’ – APS is promoting health and pedestrian safety in “Walk-Tober.” 6th graders and staff at Cleveland Middle School took to the streets to promote the benefits of walking to school. Officials say walking to school can help you create a healthier lifestyle and reduces traffic congestion around the school.