Tuesday’s Top Stories

Tuesday’s Five Facts

[1] 911 calls and video chronicle hours leading to fatal shooting over stolen vehicle – Video and 911 calls chronicle how Sydney Wilson, 23, spent the last hours of her life trying to get her car back from a group of teenagers who stole it before police said one of those teens shot and killed her. There was 911 calls and a meeting with an officer in a parking lot on the evening of July 31. Dispatch told her that officers could head to the GPS location only if the car remained stationary and advised her to call back in that case. Dispatch assured her that they were keeping the call open and that if she got any more GPS updates to give them a call. Not long after, Wilson found her car in the Smith’s parking lot at Coors and Central. Police said a group of teens got out and one of them pulled out a gun and opened fire and Wilson was killed. 

[2] ABQ city councilor proposes changes to personal cannabis production – Under New Mexico’s Cannabis Regulation Act, anyone 21 years of age or older can grow up to six mature cannabis plants and six seedlings, but cities can adopt their own rules too. A proposed ordinance by Councilor Brook Bassan, seeks to regulate how people grow their own pot and limit the smell that comes from residential cannabis production. The bill would limit cannabis plants produced in homes to be grown within enclosed areas such as a greenhouse or room inside the home to reduce odors. The proposed ordinance is set to be introduced to the council on Wednesday before going to the council’s Finance and Government Operations subcommittee for review.

[3] Dry and unseasonably hot around New Mexico – Very dry air is moving in from the west, which will keep skies clear and dry Tuesday and Wednesday. High pressure will move over New Mexico Wednesday through Sunday, which will cause temperatures to heat up, and reach record-hot high temperatures, especially Thursday and Friday. The next chance for rain will arrive Thursday.

[4] University uses lidar technology to research ancient pueblos in NM – Lidar drone technology is what the University of Missouri used this summer as they researched land near Magdalena. The researchers found what they believe to be an ancient pueblo. Possibly the result of a large migration of people leaving the four corners. Officials said they found architecture, pottery, and other artifacts that resemble those found at the sites throughout the Mesa Verde region. 

[5] Rio Rancho holding annual ‘Rally in the Desert’ to combat illegal dumping – The city of Rio Rancho is doing a cleanup later this month to help combat illegal dumpsites in the city and its open spaces. Mayor Greg Hull’s “Rally in the Desert” starts at 7 a.m. on September 16. Residents are encouraged to bring trucks, trailers, shovels, and rakes, but other clean-up supplies will be provided. Sign-ups are now open. The deadline is September 8.