Friday’s Top Stories

Friday’s Five Facts

[1] Accused killer of pizzeria owner refuses first appearance – Prosecutors are pushing to keep an accused murderer behind bars. Sylvan Alcachupas is accused of robbing Giovanni’s Pizzeria in southeast Albuquerque on Tuesday night, then shooting and killing owner Rosario Zito. Alcachupas was recently arrested for driving a stolen car with heroin inside. HIs long criminal history in New Mexico dates back to 2014. The Bernalillo County District Attorney is calling on the court to keep him locked up while he awaits trial for Zito’s murder.

[2] Clovis residents discuss concerns over recent wave of violent crimes – A recent wave of violent crimes in Clovis is alarming community members and residents. This comes after a string of violent crimes last month: a man was charged last week with killing his mom, a teen killed in an apartment two weeks ago, and another teen killed in a shooting at the beginning of August.Thursday night community members met to discuss the recent rise in violent crimes. Mayor Mike Morris says the he and city commissioners will be holding community meetings later this month to gauge concerncs and find ways to address them.

[3] Hot Friday with storms for Labor Day weekend – Isolated storms will pop up in the northern and wester mountains, moving southwest off of the high terrain, into the middle and upper Rio Grande Valley, the east mountains and central highlands, and the west mesa and high terrain. Storms will be very hit or miss, but we could see some in the Metro and Santa Fe area during the late afternoon and early evening. Saturday will be a bit cooler, especially across the central, north and east sides of the state. We will see more widespread storm chances.

[4] Why you see news footage in New Mexico political advertisements – Sometimes, candidates use TV news reports that feature anchors, reporters, and newspaper and web headlines. However, that does not mean that the station or publication is endorsing that candidate. A political analyst explains content from news outlets are free game for candidates. Under election law, in a section called “Fair Use” it allows candidates to use journalistic content without the outlets consent. With nearly two months until Election Day, political ads are only going to increase. 

[5] Roadrunner population is booming in New Mexico – The population of the Roadrunner, New Mexico’s state bird, continues to grow. Data shows their population has nearly doubled since the 1960s. The highest numbers ever recorded were in 2015 and 2016, around the same time we had severe drought conditions. The bird is even making its way to other parts of the country. Experts say they have been seen in Louisiana and Missouri.