Monday’s Top Stories

Monday’s Five Facts

[1] Albuquerque mourns loss of first responders in fatal helicopter crash – The four men were killed on their way back to Albuquerque just after 7 p.m. Saturday night when the chopper went down. The crash happened just off Highway 84, about 14 miles outside of Las Vegas. BCSO says undersheriff Larry Koren, Lieutenant Fred Beers, Deputy Michael Levison and Bernalillo County Fire Rescue Specialist Matthew King were helping fire crews with the East Mesa Fire. Details on what caused the helicopter to crash are still limited.

[2] Fight outside Albuquerque club leads to alleged kidnapping – An accused kidnapper is behind bars. According to a criminal complaint, Albert Arizmendi and Jose Maldonado got into a fight with a man over a cell phone at a downtown Albuquerque club in June. The victim says he threw the phone away the night before so he would not be located. When Maldonado and Arizmendi showed up at his home, the victim told police he feared for his and his girlfriends life, agreeing to help them find the phone. The victim’s girlfriend was able to call police and officers tracked them down in a traffic stop. They are now charged with kidnapping and aggravated burglary.

[3] Heat turns up in New Mexico this week – Monday morning is warm in the valley and plains, with nice cool temperatures in the mountains. Get out early today, because it is going to be a scorcher! Temperatures are heating up even more, with many spots seeing highs in the 100s, and even the upper Rio Grande Valley and mountains will reach 80s and 90s. Heat advisories will be in effect for the Metro and middle Rio Grande Valley, Four Corners, far east plains, and far lower Rio Grande Valley.

[4] BCSO give tips on preventing burglaries – The Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office says they have received more than 100 calls for burglaries so far this summer. BCSO says they see more burglaries around this time of year because this is the time people tend to day summer vacations and leave their home empty. BCSO says checking locks on your doors and leaving outdoor lights on can help deter burglars. They says around this time last year, they received about 142 burglary calls.

[5] Youth baseball tournament brings money to Albuquerque economy – Sunday wrapped up a big youth baseball tournament happening at the Albuquerque Regional Sports Complex – and it’s a big win for Albuquerque. Over the past two weeks, a total of 56 youth baseball teams from across the country made their way to Albuquerque for the Texas Premier New Balance Championship. Visit ABQ estimates this tournament alone brought $1.1 million to the city’s economy.