Monday’s Top Stories

Monday’s Five Facts

[1] Mora County emergency firewood project provides firewood to residents – This year’s wildfire season destroyed acres of forest up north, leaving Mora County residents, without resources for firewood. Now they’re getting a little bit of help just in time for winter. The Forest Service and National Guard is working together to make sure the residents in Mora County, have firewood heading into the winter months, something a lot of them depend on to stay warm. Organizers say  more than fifty-four percent of the population in Mora County uses firewood as a heat source. The group so far has been able to make a handful of deliveries. Volunteers says the forest service did not have enough loggers to help, that is when the National Guard stepped in to help. Organizers say they have more than 100 people on their waiting list.

[2] Albuquerque safe outdoor spaces vote – City councilors will be voting Monday night on whether to overturn Mayor Keller’s veto on the reallocation of funds for safe outdoor spaces. Council previously passed a moratorium that would prevent the city from approving any safe spaces for a year, but the mayor vetoed that decision. Councilors need at least six votes to overturn the veto during Monday’s meeting.

[3] Rain showers continue across New Mexico – Rain showers continue to fall across the four corners and the northwestern I-25 corridor. Some showers may move into the Albuquerque metro by late morning, but the city’s better chance for more widespread precipitation will be later this afternoon and evening. Daily rounds of showers and storms are expected across the northern and central part of the state, including the metro, through at least Wednesday. Flash flooding threats return to the forecast by the afternoon and evening over recent burn scars, especially over the northern mountains where the heaviest rain is expected.

[4] University of New Mexico releases 2021 crime stats – The University of New Mexico released its 2021 crime stats for all of its campuses. The report compares stats in 2019, 2020 and 2021. According to the report, in 2021 there were 83 reported car thefts, 30 aggravated assaults and 13 rapes. In 2019, the report showed 76 stolen cars, 21 aggravated assaults and 23 rapes. Data for 2020 was affected by COVID with campus shutdowns and remote learning.

[5] Remote control balloon pilots practice for world record attempt – This year the Balloon Fiesta is trying to break another record for the most remote-controlled balloons in the air at once. Last year there were 30 RC Balloons at the Balloon Fiesta. They need to get 55 RC Balloons in the air to break the record set in Germany. There are currently 83 remote control balloon pilots registered to participate in the world record attempt. If weather allows, they will attempt to break the record Wednesday morning at 7:30.