Thursday’s Top Stories

Thursday’s Five Facts

[1] Foster child allegedly molested at Albuquerque CYFD office building – According to the Albuquerque Police Department, officers were dispatched to the CYFD building in Albuquerque back in December for a sexual abuse call. The police report said a staff member found a 10-year-old boy and a 14-year-old foster child in the same bathroom stall together, both with their pants down. CYFD’s Cabinet Secretary Barbara J. Vigil said in a statement there will be and internal and external investigation.

[2] Teen accused in deadly party shooting in ABQ to stay behind bars – A judge ruled Jesse Parra, a teen accused in a deadly house party shooting, will remain behind bars until trial. So far, investigators have not made it clear who fired the shot that killed Jada Gonzales at a house party near Central and Atrisco in December. According to a criminal complaint, a group of young men, including 19-year-old Jesse Parra, were kicked out of the party after they flashed guns around. One or more of them opened fire on the house as they left, killing Gonzales.

[3] Storm exits New Mexico, nice day ahead – Temperatures will be near normal across the state, with a big warm up for the east/southeast plains. High pressure will build in Friday, starting a warming trend, which will peak over the weekend. High temperatures will be around five to ten degrees above average by Sunday.

[4] Documentary highlights two historic neighborhoods in Albuquerque – Two historic Albuquerque neighborhoods are being highlighted in a new documentary. The project will explain how they came to be some of the city’s multicultural hubs. It’s the seventh film in the series “Neighborhoods at a Crossroads.” It focuses on explaining how the South Broadway and Kirtland Community neighborhoods grew to become two of the city’s multicultural hubs. The film will screen for free at the South Broadway Cultural Center on February 9. The city said its next documentaries will focus on the Taylor Ranch neighborhood and the International District. 

[5] Goats help gear up for Little League season in New Mexico – Little League season is right around the corner, and organizers are using a unique approach to get the diamonds ready. Mile High Little League partnered with Galloping Goat to clean up the field. A total of 280 goats were used to eat dead brush, tumbleweeds, and other pesky plants to clean up the field. The goats have helped with fire mitigation efforts in the Bosque and their stomachs break down the seeds, so they won’t grow back.