Monday’s Top Stories

Monday’s Five Facts

[1] Albuquerque police: Man dies following early morning crash – Police are investigating after a man died at the scene of a crash. Around 2:30 a.m. on Saturday, a truck drove down Gibson near University in southeast Albuquerque when he veered off the road. The truck ended up balanced on a retaining wall. Police say the driver, Ruben Alvarez got out of the vehicle and fell over the edge of the wall, which is about a six-foot drop. Officers say it appears Alvarez hit his head and died at the scene.

[2] Albuquerque Fire Rescue responds to small Bosque fire – The Albuquerque Fire Rescue is investigating a small fire in the bosque. It happened Sunday behind the Open Space Visitors Center on Coors in northwest Albuquerque. Wildland crews were able to get the fire under control quickly.

[3] New Mexico warms up before the next storm arrives – High pressure will continue to dominate the Desert Southwest to start off the week, continuing the dry and calm conditions that the state felt this weekend. Temperatures this afternoon will be seasonable. Tomorrow will be even warmer as the high begins to break down and usher in the return of westerly upper-level winds. These winds will allow temperatures to warm well above average Tuesday afternoon ahead of New Mexico’s next storm.

[4] Albuquerque neighborhood known for Christmas decorations works to feed community – A northwest Albuquerque neighborhood known for its Christmas decorations is giving back to the community. Nate Bywater has collected food items for the Storehouse New Mexico food pantry for the last two weeks. The goal was to raise 2,000 pounds of food. Thanks to the community’s support, they exceeded their goal.

[5] A Christmas miracle: Dog found days after being lost in the wilderness – A golden retriever and her owner are reunited after the dog got lost on a trail near Questa. Austin Mason says his dog Ellie got away while they were out fishing. After five days of searching, Ellie was spotted about half a mile away from where they’d been, stuck on a cliff. Using rope, Austin’s family was able to get Ellie to safety. She suffered minor injuries from the ordeal but is expected to be okay.