Thursday’s Top Stories

Thursday’s Five Facts

[1] Lawsuit: CYFD failure led to toddler suffering months of abuse – An advocate for a boy who was placed in a home where investigators say he was severely abused are now suing CYFD for putting him there. The lawsuit claims the agency failed to check on the boy in the home. In March 2021 the couple who the boy was staying with were arrested on accusations they tortured the toddler for at least six months. 

[2] Catalytic converter theft prevention plan – Lawmakers are trying to deter thieves from stilling catalytic converters. An ordinance sponsored by councilor Renee Grout would make it harder for thieves to sell them. It would require scrap metal dealers to collect information from anyone selling a catalytic converter, including a valid ID. Dealers would also be required by law to hand over those records, if police ask for them.

[3] Weather stays windy and cool in New Mexico – We could see some snow showers in the Four Corners tonight through Friday morning. The rest of the state will stay dry, and skies will become sunnier by this afternoon. The wind is not over yet. Wind advisories will be in effect for the east plains and highlands, where wind will gust up to 55 mph. Winds will finally die down on Friday and Saturday, and temperatures will rebound on those two days.

[4] Albuquerque neighbors upset about new roundabout meant to ward off speeders – Neighbors in an Albuquerque neighborhood near Yucca Drive and Bluewater said they’ve been plagued by speeders for years. The city’s said two roundabouts are under construction along Yucca Drive to help calm traffic. Neighbors said the city’s attempt to get drivers to slow down has only brought them new headaches, and the roundabouts are an accident waiting to happen. Some drivers said the roundabout is also off-center, making it hard to navigate along the narrower side. The city plans to install signs once construction is complete, as well as restripe the intersection. 

[5] ABQ BioPark lions going to a new home – Two lions at the ABQ BioPark will be transferred to another accredited zoo. The African lions, Kenya and Dixie, will be transferred to allow the ABQ BioPark to renovate the Catwalk area of the zoo. According to BioPark, other improvements to the Catwalk include “the removal of walls between adjacent habitats and the construction of climbing structures,” which will make more room for the smaller cats. Millions of dollars have been invested to create homes for the ABQ BioPark snow leopards and the Malayan tiger. Those exhibits will open later this year.