Monday’s Top Stories

Monday’s Five Facts

[1] VIDEO: Crash leaves father, daughter in critical condition – New security video shows when police say a man driving a stolen state SUV, rams into another car leaving the passengers in critical condition. That man was identified as John Bearden Jr., police say he had stolen a state SUV from the New Mexico State Fairgrounds earlier that day. He then ran a stop sign and crashed into the car with 43-year-old David Pizzaro and his 10-year-old daughter Penny inside, both ended up in critical condition. After the crash Bearden ran off on foot and was later found hiding in a shed a few streets down. 

[2] Wildfire south of Moriarty claims 3 homes – Many people in a Moriarty neighborhood were told to leave their homes Sunday as a fire sparked near the Moriarty Municipal Airport, burning nearly 200 acres and multiple homes. Most families are now able to return home as all evacuations were lifted, but some families lost their home due to the fire. The Torrance County emergency manager, Samantha O’Dell, said the grass fire started around 11 Sunday morning. According to O’Dell, there was 1 injured firefighter at Sunday’s fire who was taken to a local hospital. He has since been released. The fire burned a total of 175 acres. No residents were injured and the investigation is ongoing.       

[3] Extreme winds return to New Mexico – Wind gusts will be at least 55 mph this afternoon and evening. The strong winds will continue in the mountains overnight, before picking up even more speed on Tuesday. Almost all of the state will be under high wind warnings on Tuesday, with at least 60 mph gusts. All of the state will be under high fire danger Monday. A strong cold front will drop temperatures on Tuesday by around fifteen to thirty degrees.

[4] Construction scheduled for parts of westbound Central – Westbound Central at 47th Street will be closed starting April 3 through the end of the week. Crews will be working on the road from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. During construction, vehicles will be diverted through the ART bus lane.

[5] New show already helping New Mexico parents, officials report – The Early Show with Alax is a new program that the state’s Early Childhood, Education, and Care Department (ECECD) has put on to help new parents navigate being a parent. It tackles topics like babies’ growth, emotions, and playtime while also providing insight on key programs that parents can have access to. Those include home visits to help families, emotional resources, and the state’s Family Infant and Toddler program. The show is slotted for five to six episodes in its pilot season, but the state said they plan to continue the show for a second season, thanks to state relief money.