Wednesday’s Top Stories

Wednesday’s Five Facts

[1] Coronado Park homeless – One man is dead after being shot and killed at Coronado Park. Police found 33-year-old Andrew Aguilar at Coronado Park near 4th and I-40 Tuesday morning. Nearby businesses and neighborhoods have complained for years about the violence and drugs there, plus it is illegal to camp in parks. Mayor Tim Keller says the federal courts block cities from arresting people because they’re homeless. The mayor says it’s going to take several measures to address the problem, including having sanctioned homeless camps throughout the city. Keller also said he believes if the Coronado Park was closed, the homeless would be pushed into neighborhoods instead.

[2] Gun law reform – Senate negotiators say they could finish writing bipartisan firearms legislation this week. In a major bipartisan step forward, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnel says he will support a framework for gun reform, pledging to bring the bill to the senate floor as soon as possible. The new legislation would require enhanced background checks for gun buyers under 21, secure new funding to support mental health and school security programs. It would also crack down on criminals who illegally purchase and traffic firearms.

[3] Dry and calmer, but monsoon storms to end week – Wednesday morning is cool in northwest New Mexico and southwest Colorado. The air is milder in central and southern New Mexico. We will be seeing more hot temperatures with highs in the upper 80s, 90s and 100s. Skies will be sunny, aside from some clouds and a pop up shower in the Sacramento Mountains. Winds will be lighter Wednesday, most areas only seeing them at 5-15 mph, except northeast NM where winds will gust up to around 35 mph. The monsoon season begins Wednesday, and we will see a strong onset of the pattern Thursday through the weekend. Daily showers and storms will be possible, especially in central and western New Mexico and southern Colorado.

[4] Fire officials work to prevent flash flooding near Calf Canyon/Hermits Peak burn scar – As firefighters gain more and more control of the Hermits Peak, Calf Canyon Fire a new fear is setting in, monsoon rains are just around the corner. People down slope from the massive burn scars are worried about flash flooding. Residents and volunteers are getting sandbags ready and carving features into the hillsides to slow and redirect runoff away from the burn scar.

[5] Roswell aircraft test first step in providing broadband to rural areas – A tech company launched one of its airships over southern New Mexico with the goal of one day boosting broadband access, monitoring pollution and reduce the threat of wildfires. Swiss tech company “Sceye” is developing a high-altitude platform station that they hope will provide another option when it comes to boosting internet connectivity. They also plan on monitoring air pollution and climate change, which could include detecting wildfire threats.