Monday’s Top Stories

Monday’s Five Facts

[1] Group speaks out on proposed anti-abortion ordinance in Clovis – Community members are speaking out against the controversial anti-abortion ordinance. The Clovis City Commission will be voting on the ordinance in the next two weeks. While there’s a lot of local support for the ordinance, opponents said they’re worried the new rule will lead to costly legal battles. The ordinance does not block clinics from setting up shops in town, it would stop the shipment of pills or supplies used in abortion procedures. Now, a group called Eastern New Mexico Rising popped up to fight the ordinance. They say they intend to continue to fight on the day of the vote and after if it passes.

[2] 9 people attacked, robbed at University of New Mexico – UNM sent out an alert early Sunday morning that said six men and three women, all in their 20s, were attacked and robbed near the Student Residence Center (SRC) around 2:45 a.m. The SRC is a student housing apartment complex near Johnson Recreation Center. Officials gave no word on any injuries or what was stolen. KRQE reached out to UNM police and UNM officials, but they have not released any other details.

[3] Storm brings rain, snow, wind and chilly temperatures – Most of eastern New Mexico will see rain throughout the day, and there is a chance for more snow showers in the northern mountains through the afternoon. The Metro will stay mostly dry, with a chance for a few showers during the afternoon.

[4] Adopted animals seem to be heading back to rescues – While inflation continues hitting people hard, it’s leading to less pets coming home from the shelter and more being brought back. ‘Pawsitive Life Rescue’ is a non-profit that helps animals find homes. They say they have seen a 10% increase in people returning their pets. On top of this, they used to average 45 adoptions a month, now they’re lucky if they have 14. 

[5] Bookings fill up fast at Albuquerque ‘Stranger Things’ Airbnb – In the hit Netflix show “Stranger Things”, the Byers family moved to a new home in Season 4. In real life, the Asher family owns the home, which is near Montgomery and Tramway. The Asher’s were looking for a new home when they stumbled upon this place, not knowing it’s background. When they learned it was part of the show, they listed it on Airbnb in March of this year. The family said it has been rented out almost every weekend since.