Wednesday’s Top Stories

Wednesday’s Five Facts

[1] DA speaks out after judge released man accused of downtown murder – The Bernalillo County DA is speaking out on the pretrial detention process after a judge released a suspected murderer. He’s accused of having gang ties and gunning down a man in downtown Albuquerque on a crowded weekend night. Three years later the Albuquerque Police Department arrested 46-year-old Patrick Alvarado for the murder. But judge Jennifer Wernersback later released him and told him to avoid guns, gang members, and to keep a job despite the DA’s motion to keep him behind bars as a danger to the community. 

[2] Bill that would extend class time passes another hurdle – A bill that would extend class time cleared a major hurdle Tuesday, inching its way closer to the governor’s desk. Right now, first through sixth-grade students go to school for at least 990 hours a year. For secondary students, it’s at least 1,080 hours. House bill 130 would bump them all up to 1,140 hours. Districts would get to decide for themselves how to divvy up the extra hours, whether by adding time to each school day or tacking the days onto the year. The bill now needs to make its way through the senate before heading to the governor’s desk.

[3] More sunshine and warmer temperatures for New Mexico – Skies will be sunnier today, with high clouds moving in. Temperatures will warm up for all areas west of the central mountain chain. Highs will be above average, with 60s and 70s for most of the state. A backdoor cold front will move into the state again tonight, keeping temperatures a bit cooler Thursday.

[4] UNM Hospital wants to hear from the community – The University of New Mexico Hospital is partnering with Bernalillo County to bring a series of Community Health Listening Sessions to the community. Bernalillo County voters are asked to extend a mil levy that allows UNMH to provide care to those in need. It ensures UNMH’s ability to care for patients regardless of their ability to pay. Each event allows residents to share their voices regarding health care in Bernalillo County and how UNMH can improve its services.

[5] APS community clothing bank looking for prom clothes – APS community clothing bank is collecting everything a student would need to look their best for prom. Schools can set up times for a ‘prom trunk show’ and the clothing bank will bring everything they have for students to pick out prom clothes, free of charge.