Tuesday’s Top Stories

Tuesday’s Five Facts

[1] Muslims fleeing Albuquerque, Afghan community remembers 4th victim – More is being learned about the fourth victim in a string of murders against Muslim men in Albuquerque. He was shot and killed Friday night. Many saw him just hours before he was murdered at the burial ceremony for the other two Muslim men killed. Hussain moved to Albuquerque six years ago from Indonesia and is remembered as a man who put others before himself. The community is fearful for their safety, some even fleeing Albuquerque and the state to escape the uncertainty. Right now, there are at least five Afghan families who already left and 20 more in the process. APD is still looking for a the vehicle believed to be involved in the murders.

[2] Driver of deadly high-speed crash taken into custody – The man who is accused of killing two people in a car crash while he was under the influence was taken into custody. In July 2021, Robert and Bonnie Hartwig were killed when police say 35-year-old Omar Martinez allegedly flew through a red light and t-boned their SUV in the intersection of Louisiana and Lomas. The Hartwig’s died at the hospital, Martinez survived and was awake following the crash. Officers issued a warrant for his arrest in March. He was eventually taken into custody Monday. His initial court date has not yet been set.

[3] Scattered storms and flooding threat – Flash flooding is expected in the mountains by the early afternoon, and a flood watch will be in effect through the afternoon and evening. Storms will move south/southwest again today during the late afternoon and evening. The Metro will see hit or miss showers and storms as early as around 2 p.m.

[4] Video shows thief squeezing through window, stealing six guns – New video is available of the burglary of a Calibers. In the early hours of February 18, two men broke into the Calibers on Cutler near Washington. They removed a small window and one of the suspects, Alejandro Gonzalez climbed through and made off with more than $6,000 worth of firearms. Gonzalez was arrested in June when he was caught shoplifting from a Wal-Mart with fentanyl on him.

[5] Over 200 stranded overnight on top of tram after storm cuts power -People were stuck on top of the Sandia’s for hours after taking the Tram to the top Sunday night. A thunderstorm led to a power outage in the north east heights and knocked out power to the tram. 210 people, including visitors and employees were stuck at the top for about four hours. The general manager of Sandia Peak says circumstances were out of their control and they did all they could to make sure those stuck were out of harms way.