Thursday’s Top Stories

Thursday’s Five Facts

[1] VIDEO: Police find 5-year-old badly injured in suspected child abuse case – Prosecutors are trying to keep an Albuquerque mom behind bars until trial after officers found her son severely beaten in her home. Police responded to an apartment after CYFD alerted them that a five-year-old was inside and badly injured. After talking to the mom, Natalie Saiz, she and Felipe Valencia let officers into the home. Police say they found the boy covered in bruises and unable to see because his eyes were swollen shut.

[2] Albuquerque city councilor looking to change cannabis zoning codes – A city councilor is looking to change the rules on where Albuquerque’s cannabis shops can be located. Zoning rules currently allows cannabis shops to be within 600 feet of each other and operations deemed ‘microbusinesses’ can be even closer. City councilor Renee Grout is proposing a change that includes increasing the distance between shops from 600 feet to 660 feet, the equivalent of two city blocks.

[3] New Mexico sees fog and showers Thursday – Spotty rain showers will be possible throughout the morning commute until around midday in the Four Corners to the San Juan Mountains. Skies will clear out more this afternoon in northern New Mexico, but much of the state will stay partly cloudy and dry this afternoon. Temperatures will be warmer than Wednesday, climbing into the 60s and 70s. Winds will become breezy in the afternoon, with over 30 mph gusts in the central mountain chain and east plains, and lighter winds elsewhere.

[4] Renovations move forward at South Valley park – Renovations have been ongoing at Tom Tenorio Park since 2017, with the county spending about $8 million on the project. That investment includes three new softball fields, batting cages and an eco-parking lot. The county recently approved another phase of the project. This phase is expected to cost around $5 million. It will include another eco-parking lot, RV parking, a fourth field and more lights and fencing.

[5] LANL podcast explores fact and fiction from the movie ‘Oppenheimer’ – A new podcast episode from Los Alamos National Laboratory is delving into what is fact and fiction in the blockbuster film Oppenheimer. The episode of LANL’s podcast series Called Down to a Science features LANL historian Alan Carr. He praised the film’s portrayal of certain characters and events including the momentous test of the first atomic bomb at New Mexico’s Trinity Site. He also pointed out other events that didn’t happen or were simplified for the movie.