Friday’s Top Stories

Friday’s Five Facts

[1] ‘Buy New Mexico’ bill introduced to give extra boost to businesses State lawmakers are getting behind a bill that could improve opportunities for New Mexico business owners. The ‘Buy New Mexico’ bill would increase the bidding preference to local businesses when the state is granted contacts to areas like infrastructure, it would also place a preference on businesses owned by veterans and Native-owned companies operating on tribal land. The supporters hope it will give businesses outside the metro area a chance to secure multi-million dollar contracts. There is no word on when the bill can go to a vote.

[2] Teen father of baby thrown in dumpster releases statement We are hearing from the teenage father of the baby that was found in a Hobbs dumpster. Eighteen-year-old Alexis Avila was caught on surveillance video earlier this month leaving her newborn baby in a dumpster, police say the infant was in the dumpster for six hours before he was found. Stephen Astorga, the baby’s father, states he was told by Avila that she had a miscarriage, and he believed she was no longer pregnant. The baby is now named Saul and is at home with his father and family. Avila has been charged with attempted first-degree murder and child abuse.

[3] Snow, rain showers, and gusty winds this weekend This morning is freezing across the state, with a breeze in eastern New Mexico causing wind chill temperatures to sit near zero degrees. Bundle up! It’s going to be a cool day, with highs in the 30s, 40s, and 50s. Rounds of high clouds will start moving into the state from the northwest. The next storm will bring rain and snow showers to southern Colorado by the afternoon, but showers will hold off until the evening in northern New Mexico.

[4] Some New Mexico driver’s licenses reissued Replacement driver’s licenses could be coming in the mail soon for anyone who got one earlier this month. The MVD states about 1,800 licenses were printed with an incorrect background, which means they cannot be accepted as valid IDs by police or businesses. Those who have been affected are asked to destroy the faulty IDs when their new one comes in the mail. There is no cost to receive a replacement ID.

[5] M’tucci’s to start offering four-day workweek A local Italian restaurant is finding a new way to help keep employees around. M’tucci’s Italian Restaurant says, “the answer is a four-day workweek.” That applies to all salary employees within the restaurant, like managers and chefs. The restaurant states they have been able to retain 60% of their staff throughout the pandemic and credits putting employees first. M’tucci’s managing partner says, “the move will further improve a work-life balance.”