Wednesday’s Top Stories

Wednesday’s Five Facts

[1] Santa Fe police arrest man after $200,000 burglary – 41-year-old Justin Romero allegedly stole thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from two businesses on in Santa Fe. According to police, the burglaries occurred on Apr. 20 and Apr. 28 and totaled more than $200,000 worth of stolen merchandise, along with $30,000 worth of property damage. Police recovered $64,000 worth of stolen merchandise after arresting Romero. Romero is also a person of interest in other burglaries, according to police.

[2] Woman mistakenly shoots food truck vendor during ‘baby daddy’ dispute, APD says – APD says Ambrosia Mirabal, 27, told authorities she drank and took drugs before driving up to a food truck at Central Avenue and 3rd Street NW early Sunday morning. Police say she told them she was upset with her “baby daddy” and wanted to shoot toward him to scare him. Instead, the bullet hit a woman working in a food truck. Mirabal fled the scene, but the Downtown cameras captured the shooting and the vehicle’s license plate. She was arrested for a warrant related to the shooting.

[3] More severe storms across eastern New Mexico – More storms will develop in the northern mountains and east of the central mountain chain this afternoon. Storms will move eastward towards Texas throughout the evening. A few more storms may follow the initial storms during the overnight hours, into early tomorrow morning. Temperatures will be hotter across the state.

[4] Legislative Finance Committee meets for a post-2023 Legislative Session review – State lawmakers are considering the best ways to use funds from the record $9.57 billion budget that kicks in July 1. Lawmakers provided more than $1 billion in tax cuts and rebates in the coming year and funneled more than $1 billion dollars into capital projects. Roughly 4,000 active projects are underway, with that number likely to rise to around 5,000 this summer. 

[5] Aztec students release rainbow trout into wild for class project – Fifth-grade students from Aztec’s Park Avenue Elementary School have been raising rainbow trout from eggs since mid-February. It’s all part of Aztec Municipal School District’s Career and Technical Education program. On Tuesday, they released more than a dozen rainbow trout into the wild. Trout Unlimited provided the trout eggs, and the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish helped the children release the fish at the San Juan River.