Monday’s Top Stories

Monday’s Five Facts

[1] City councilors major proposals to be voted on during Monday night meeting – Albuquerque city councilors will be discussing proposed legislation to address one of the most controversial topics in the metro, the city’s homeless crisis. Last week, one safe outdoor space was approved. Monday, the council is expected to vote on a moratorium to the ordinance, proposed by Councilor Brook Bassan. She will be introducing a moratorium that will remove safe outdoor spaces from the ordinance all together. It needs five votes to pass. Even if that moratorium is passed at Monday nights meeting, the mayor can still veto it.

[2] APS seeing bus driver shortage despite recent pay incentives – An ongoing bus driver shortage has some Albuquerque parents worried about how to get their kids to school. Many are questioning why these jobs are so hard to fill. Officials they’ve lost quite a few drivers to other companies who pay more, and they don’t have to deal with disciplinary problems. They say behavior has gotten worse and enforcing the rules, isn’t always easy. Right now, the district is short about 40 drivers. This leaves routes to be consolidated, some stops are being axed and for a lot students, this means a longer walk to bus stops.

[3] Quiet day before rain chances return – Monday will be hot, with warmer than normal temperatures. However, a cold front will arrive Tuesday to Wednesday, bringing heavier rain to northern NM on Tuesday, and cooling temperatures down through Wednesday. The middle Rio Grande Valley will stay mostly dry, similar to the weekend weather. Eastern New Mexico will stay completely dry. Scattered showers and storms will develop in western and northern New Mexico this afternoon.

[4] Albuquerque woman loses dog while away for Army training – An Albuquerque woman is looking for her lost dog, Tommy Pickles. She is currently serving in the Army and was out of town training at Fort Bragg when her parents told her the dog was missing. She says there was been possible sightings, including a woman who may have been seen at a soccer game holding him. Anyone who may have seen the dog can contact any local animal shelter.

[5] Craft, yard sale raises money for Albuquerque charities – Albuquerque craft enthusiasts helped raise money for two charities Saturday. The Tart 2022 Craft Sale took over Sidewinders Bar and Grill and featured tons of handmade and second-hand goods. The proceeds go toward the Albuquerque Roadrunner Tournament. The tournament is raising money for two charities this year: Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico and Paws and Stripes. The Albuquerque Roadrunner Tournament is scheduled for September., they say they’ll post more information about that event on their Facebook page later this week.