Tuesday’s Top Stories

Tuesday’s Five Facts

[1] Belen Police Facebook post stirs up mixed reactions – A Facebook post from the Belen Police Department is causing controversy. The post has been shared hundreds of times so far. The Belen Police Department says it was meant to bring humor to a drug arrest this weekend. It reads,  “Welcome to the premier episode of ‘To Bust A Drug Dealer’ let’s meet today’s contestants.” It pokes fun at two suspects, Pete Chavez and Brittany Ann Williams. After an operation in Belen, police found drugs and $13,000 in cash. Chief James Harris says the intent was not to offend anyone. Even after negative feedback, he says he will not apologize for the content. Belen’s mayor also released a statement saying he supports the police department’s continued and innovative efforts to combat the drug problem.

[2] Homeless man sues City of Albuquerque over Coronado Park removal – After attempts to close homeless encampments, lawyers are stepping in, saying the city destroyed what possessions their clients own. The Law Office of Ives and Flores, ACLU, and the New Mexico Center of Law and Poverty filed the lawsuit. The city says everyone there was offered a bed and services. They also said most of them refused the help.

[3] Cold temperatures move into New Mexico, big changes by late week – Seasonable temperatures and calm conditions will persist through mid-week, brought by upper-level westerly winds. This will usher in warmer conditions than last week into Wednesday. Today, however, will feature a bit more cloud coverage compared to Monday. This will keep temperatures a degree or two cooler than Monday, especially east.

[4] Christmas decorations vandalized at a dozen westside Albuquerque homes – Westside families are working together to rebuild their outdoor holiday decoration displays after a string of vandals struck their neighborhood. Surveillance video shows three people running up to the Gomoll residence on Albuquerque’s westside Friday night. The video shows the trio destroying holiday decorations that the Gomoll family has had for nearly 20 years. Corey Gomoll says the same thing happened last year and this year at Easter. Homes in nearby neighborhoods were also hit, including one home with nearly $2,000 worth of damages.

[5] Organization helps student-athletes get NIL deals – A New Mexico nonprofit and local businesses are coming together to boost student-athletes by taking advantage of recent changes in the law. In 2021, the New Mexico Legislature passed the Student Athlete Endorsement Act, allowing students in New Mexico to make money from endorsement deals and sponsorships. The act opened the door for local organizations like 505 Sports Venture Foundation to give back to the university. They hope to expand to other university sports departments around New Mexico.