Thursday’s Top Stories

Thursday’s Five Facts

[1] Albuquerque Police Department arrests 15 in east Central drug bust – The Central Narcotic Unit launched “Operation Broken Arrow” back in April. Police say people were using the Bow and Arrow Lodge Motel like their own personal drug house. During the operation they found thousands of dollars in cash, hundreds of fentanyl pills, xanax, meth and crack cocaine, as well as multiple firearms. Authorities say the problem is bigger than narcotics on the street, they say this type of activity is now becoming violent. In total 15 were arrested.

[2] COVID-19 cases up in New Mexico, but the virus is different – COVID-19 cases are up again in New Mexico, but health officials say the effects are not as severe this time around. During the last surge, 20% of the hospitalized COVID patients needed ventilators. Now, officials say that number is around 3.5%. State health officials said this wave is different due to a number of factors including high herd immunity from vaccinations and natural immunization from infections and re-infections. They also say there are more effective treatments available.

[3] More showers and thunderstorms Thursday – Thursday morning is mild, with calm winds and some clouds moving into southern New Mexico with a few light showers. Showers will stay near I-10 this morning, and all other spots will stay dry until more storms develop this afternoon. Many areas will see morning sunshine and afternoon/evening showers and thunderstorms. Storms will pop up over the mountains during the early-mid afternoon, moving east through the evening.

[4] New Mexico Department of Public Safety unveil new storage facility – A brand new facility for the New Mexico Department of Public Safety is now the first of its kind for the state. The ribbon was cut yesterday to the new $15 million secure storage facility in Santa Fe. That facility will now be used to preserve evidence used in cases all across the state and used to hold key records.

[5] Recycled water being used to fight the Hermits Peak Calf Canyon fire – Some of the firefighters battling the Hermits Peak, Calf Canyon Fire are relying on a new system in their camps to save water and lighten the load on local water systems. The southwest incident management team has teamed up with a company called “Waterfleet” to recycle and reuse water. The system is producing 12 to 16 thousand gallons of recycled water a day at the base camp.