Wednesday’s Top Stories

Wednesday’s Five Facts

[1] Video shows moments after crash involving New Mexico senator – Newly released video shows the aftermath of a violent crash caused by New Mexico Senator Jacob Candelaria. When police saw the destruction, they said it was a miracle no one was severely hurt. Officers tried to piece together how the SUV ended up flipped over in the middle of the street with a trail of destruction in its wake. The SUV hit the curb before plowing into three cars outside a home on Mountain, then flipped upside down. Candelaria told officers he had not been drinking or doing drugs, and during his interactions with police, he showed no signs of being impaired, just badly shaken from his terrifying ordeal. Candelaria is not facing any charges related to the crash.

[2] Ventana Ranch neighborhood shaken up after Sunday night shooting – Neighbors in a quiet neighborhood are shaken up after they woke up to shots being fired. Neighbors say four men were walking around the area trying to pull car doors open. Thanks to security cameras, neighbors caught them and their car on tape. Eventually, someone confronted them, and that’s when the burglars fired shots. Neighbors say nobody was hurt and mentioned police haven’t said whether the burglars have been caught.

[3] Storms in southern and northern New Mexico, drier in Metro – Far north-central NM and the San Juan Mountains will see scattered showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. These will move southwest off of the high terrain, moving into the Four Corners. The Metro and most of the I-40 corridor are going to be drier today. Temperatures will be near normal for central and northern NM, and below

[4] Albuquerque pet adoption center still closed, costing city money – The city of Albuquerque says it is still looking for ways to reopen its pet adoption center at Coronado Mall after closing during the pandemic. The animal welfare department says “Lucky Paws” remains closed for the same reason many businesses are struggling these days, not enough staff. The city is working to hire enough adoption counselors to get the center back up and running. The center says it needs twelve counselors to open, right now they have five and they are working at the city’s other shelters.

[5] Popular tree removed from University Stadium – University of New Mexico Lobo football fans are mourning the loss of a beloved tree. The massive cottonwood has stood in the southeast corner of University Stadium since the 1960’s. The tree became a popular spot to enjoy games in the shade during hot days. During a recent storm, the tree split and part of it fell away, revealing a rotted out trunk. Tuesday, the tree was removed for safety reasons. UNM Head Football Coach Danny Gonzales says the team will consult with students on what to do with the space