This week, are a bonded pair of super sweet dog are searching for a special, loving home. Founder of NMDOG Angela Stell and board member Andi Taylor brought along Milo and Ellie to the studio to talk about these loving canines.

Both dogs are incredibly bonded after losing their only home they’ve ever known. Milo was rescued as part of the Bernalillo County Animal Cruelty Task Force operations in 2015 and was placed in his home as a treasured part of the family. Ellie was rescued from her chain in 2016 and joined Milo and his family shortly after.

Last year, both dogs started a new life in Florida until their owner, a NMDOG villager, suffered a stroke. The sad decision was made to bring the dogs back into the NMDOG program to help them find a new home that loved them as much as their first mother did.

Milo is a 5-year-old young Shepherd mix who is loving, intuitive, affectionate and calm. He longs for close human contact and shared a strong bond with his previous human.

Ellie is a 4-year-old Husky mix with an endearing stubborn streak. She’s adventurous, active and mischievous and keeps Milo on his toes.

Both dogs are incredibly bonded and need to be in a home with no other pets as Milo isn’t a fan of other dogs and Ellie doesn’t do well with cats. Milo and Ellie will do fine with children who are 10-years-old and up.

NMDOG requests that as a Husky owner, anyone interested in adopting the pair must have a 6-foot fence to keep the animals safe at all times. In light of the pair’s situation, NMDOG is waiving the adoption fee for Milo and Ellie as their top priority is to get them into the right home as soon as possible.

Both dogs are housetrained, crate trained and walk well on their leashes and are used to living inside as part of a family. NMDOG covers all expenses for dogs in foster care.

If interested in either fostering or adopting Milo and Ellie, submit a foster or adoption application available at NMDOG’s website. The team will then set up a meet and greet with the dogs in your home.

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